Royal Apartments is a group of specialists whose many years of experience and responsible approach allow even the most demanding of projects to be accomplished. Years of working on apart-hotel projects have allowed us to create a brand that will meet the needs of investors and developers who are looking for cooperation with professional partners. The results of such activities are subsequent projects that we implement with our own pursuit of excellence.

Current investments

Over the years, we have been perfecting our skills, working on various construction and investment projects. We have worked with many companies on the local market, thanks to which we know the Polish real estate market inside and out. Now it’s our turn to pass on this knowledge – that’s why we implement the innovative projects described below.

Planned investments

We are open to cooperation with property owners in terms of apart-hotel, condo hotel and residential investments. Here is a list of the investments we are currently preparing.


Number of apartments: 300
The Role of Royal Apartments: Manager, advisor
Architects: AKO Architekci

The project is undoubtedly unique in terms of its location – it has a direct descent onto a beautiful, sandy beach. The completion of the project of three apart-hotel buildings overlooking the Bay of Gdansk includes 12,500 m2 of usable space intended for short-term rental. An asset of the investment is the construction of a private pier planned to be right next to the entrance onto the beach. In the project, we act as the apartment rental manager and provide comprehensive consultancy for real estate development.

Completed investments

We build trust by preparing further investments. So far, we have completed land purchase and sale projects with an architectural concept or a building permit; we have bought a package of apartments for rent, and after finishing the apartments off we then sold them to investors. We created apartment rental management with procedures and standards, and then sold it as a fully operating company. Moreover, we implemented real estate development processes: from the stage of land purchase to the sale of the apartments. You can read about each of these below.


Number of apartments: 33
The Role of Royal-Apartments: The acquisition of land and obtaining the building permits, implementation of investment projects, rental management
Architects: M5A Architekci, Ideograf, AKO Architekci

Royal Apartments together with investors has acquired a plot of land. We have developed a project of apartments for rent and have obtained the building permit. In this project, we are also building investments. After construction, a designated company will take care of short-term rental.


Number of apartments: 110
The Role of Royal Apartments: Acquisition, owner
Architects: AKO Architekci
Participation in the project: 2017-2018

After purchasing the plot, we created and purchased the plot, and then we created the architectural and functional concept of the apart-hotel project (together with AKO Architekci). The concept included the optimal area for individual apartments and the proposed appearance of the common areas. After completing this stage, our participation in this project came to an end.


Number of apartments: 200
The role of Royal Apartments: Advising on investment preparation
Architects: AKO Architekci
Participation in the project: 2016-2018


This project is unique due to the location of the apartments – in the city center, and at the same time only a few hundred meters from the sea and the Wolin National Park. We were invited to cooperate in its implementation by the main investor at the design stage of this project (Prestige Developer company from Warsaw). The total project involves the construction of 1,300 apartments.

We acted as an advisor in the implementation of the first stage of construction, including 200 apartments, as well as restaurants, conference rooms, a wellness complex and hotel lobby. Our role was to provide guidelines related to the project so that it would be as functional and attractive to guests as possible. We gave advice on room furnishings and the selection of finishing materials. We were also involved in developing a business plan, carrying out financial calculations and preparing the entire hotel facilities so that the guest service was as efficient as possible. Our role in the project ended when the facility was opened.


Number of apartments: 40
The Role of Royal Apartments: Acquisition, owner, rental management
Architects: Nowicki
Participation in the project: 2017-2018

We have purchased 28 apartments on the estate of the former Gdansk Brewery located in an attractive neighborhood of historic buildings. After analyzing the market realities, we decided to divide the two-room apartments with an area of 45 m2 into two independent studios with bathrooms and kitchenettes. As a result, the rates of return on their rental increased by 40 percent compared to renting out a two-room apartment.

After this, the hired construction teams carried out the renovation in accordance with the developed interior design. This also included the appropriate materials for the finishings. After the apartments were completed, we created a company specializing in renting apartments. Our participation in the project ended when the company was sold to the interested investor.

Apartment rental manager

Number of apartments: 230
The role of Royal Apartments: Leasing management, know-how
Participation in the project: 2006-2018

We have created a company that comprehensively rents out apartments in Sopot, Gdansk and Jastarnia. The company, being the manager of these apartments, dealt with receiving reservations, guest care, concierge services, cleaning and all maintenance services. After recruiting employees and training them, the main task was to introduce appropriate service standards, rental control, an automated booking acceptance system and guest self-service – in other words creating complete know-how.